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    Grow with GENGCHEN
    Date : $single.shijian}

    In the blink of an eye, we worked as an intern in Geng Chen company has three months, in three months time, thanks to the company to provide us the opportunity to work and a platform for growth. So that we can continue to learn, in the work exercise, growth. We deeply feel the change and enhance their own, not only in the professional knowledge and work practice, but also learned the ways of doing things. Maybe this is the growth, is the accumulation of bit by bit, change imperceptibly, but we enter this harmony and progress of the company family gives our precious wealth.......
    Our work -- R & D center is a dynamic group, in this group are 80 and 90 after the birth of the staff, every one of us to love their work, and work hard to improve his. In the appeal of the atmosphere, we determined to forge ahead of the work attitude of learning in this group from that day to enter the Geng Chen company, and strive to learn in university knowledge into practice. We have obtained the progress and development of knowledge through working practice, and with the environmental impact of the more gives us a continuous hard work, and constantly enrich their confidence.
    "The core value of integrity, innovation, efficiency, achievement employee" this view of the firm, is the most profound lesson we learned after entering the Geng Chen company. Growth is a process of inside and outside, for such a person, for an enterprise is so. A business process, in this competitive market always abide by the noble mission of the enterprise, as the company continues to grow and change, we change and improvement in their work, to continue to grow our, eventually become a in the local chemical industry pacesetter.
    The growth of an enterprise in the final analysis is the staff's growth, Geng Chen company is firmly grasp the concept of management. Always put their growth and development and growth of enterprises and development as the premise. Therefore, in our new staff entry on the organization of various training, related to the basic professional knowledge, skills and practical application, in order to enhance staff have the corporate identity, Geng Chen company has laid a solid foundation for future growth and development of the higher degree of.
    Today's era is a pluralistic society, to our own has a broader space for development, but also many kinds of choice and will often make people confused. However, after witnessing the common growth we own and Geng Chen, this time, as our interns are myself first choice, we will always firmly on the road to choose to go, maybe work will be a lot of difficulties, perhaps there will be more twists and turns, but this is all development the only way which must be passed, I believe that in the near future we will once again go back to the breakdown in the new journey passes through together with Geng Chen in the company's growing footprint, it will be a new memories, more is the beginning of a new journey.

    Trainee 2013/8

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